Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Provident House

Question: How does living a provident life apply to our homes?

Answer: For most people housing is the biggest money drain on the family finances.  Making an effort to minimize those expenses is important in reducing your overall monthly expenses, which helps to prepare us for the ups and downs of life... and rainy-day emergencies"  Many people spend half a house payment each month on power, gas and water.  There are many simple things we can do to reduce these expenses.

A lot of my time at work is spent helping homeowners save money on their energy bills, very often what I encourage them to do is not what they expect.  And often what they planned on doing was either not needed or had a 40 year payback. I also spend a lot of time with homeowners trying to correct the false information they have read or the misleading ad they heard on the radio.

Thermal image showing missing insulation behind a fireplace.
In the coming weeks I will address many of these issues and how they apply to improving your home's energy use.

    • Energy Audits
    • 5 Simple Energy Tips
    • Infrared thermography 
    • Windows
    • CFL and LED lights
    •  Solar Panels
    • Solar Attic fan
    • Tankless Water heaters
    • Air Sealing 
    • Duct sealing
I would love to answer any questions, please ask anything....

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