Saturday, March 24, 2012

Basic Pot of Beans

Below is a recipe that can be used as the base for a lot of bean dishes.  It is just the basics, by adding some simple additional elements you can turn this into a lot of things see below.  This recipe works with any bean, the pictures below are using pinto beans.

Basic Pot of Beans
Pressure Cook Beans for 30 Minutes at 12lbs

1 lb    -  dry beans (any type) rinsed and sorted for small stones.
2 Qt.  -  of water (it tastes far better if you use stock or even add some bullion cubes)
2 Tbs.-  Bacon oil (bacon drippings) or Olive oil
1       -  Med.Onion chopped
2       -  Cloves Garlic (I like a lot of garlic I used 4-5)
1       -  Bay Leaf  
2 tsp  -  Salt
Taste -  Black pepper

Everything is in the pot ready to go.
Rinse and sort for stones and twigs
I made this in a 4 Quart pressure cooker.  Rinse your beans, sort for any small stones.  Place in pressure cooker,  pour 1/2 of water over beans.  Add Bacon Oil, onion, garlic and spices.  Top with remaining water, be sure not to fill above the "Max Fill" Line.  Lock down lid and put on high heat.  When the steam starts to escape from the pressure relief valve, turn your stove down to about medium and start your timer.  For safety always follow the manufacturers instructions for you pressure cooker.  After timer goes off, remove from heat an let sit till pressure had come down. 

How to serve:
Serve hot over rice
As a side dish.
Drain and add any recipe canned beans are called for (about 2 cups per can).
Refried, Mash and cook in hot skillet
I tend to add more salt to taste after cooking. 

Add about any spice you like, making it Italian, or Mexican etc.
"Mexican" Add Cumin, maybe some Mexican oregano and top with fresh cilantro
You can reduce the water by 1/2 for a less soupy consistency (rice soaks up allot)
Add meat to the cooking process ie: bacon, ham hocks, or sausage...
Use as the base for a soup or stew

Use stock to replace some or all of the water
The finished product.

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