Word of Wisdom

We have felt a great need and push from the Spirit of God to strive to live the Word of Wisdom more fully. We really desire to be healthy and have healthy children so we can live long and happy lives. We already live most of the principles stated in the Word of Wisdom. We do not drink alcohol, use tobacco, drink coffee or tea, or use drugs except when they are necessary as medicine. But there are many parts of the word of wisdom that we could live more fully.

We hope to be able to eat more fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is were we see the great importance of growing a garden so we can help provide these things for our family, more economically, plus they are fresh and organic. We are also trying to eat less meat and increase the amount of whole grains and legumes in our diet. We have been trying out lots of vegetarian dishes so that we can incorporate more of these things in our diet.

We know that as we do this we will be healthier and we will receive blessings from our Father in Heaven. If you would like to learn more about the Word of Wisdom please click on the links below: