Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pantry Reveal

Several weeks ago my mother in law sent me an e-mail letting me know about a blog she had discovered that shows how to make a rotating can rack from a cardboard box. You can check it out here. I was totally inspired, Thanks Mom! I have always wanted some rotating can racks but can't afford them. I was so excited to see that I could make them myself and I will admit I was a bit skeptical too. But I wanted to give it a shot and I knew it would do wonders for my chaotic mess of a pantry if it was successful. I doubted the strength of the cardboard and I knew that my success would depend somewhat on the type of glue that I chose. Being the cheap skate that I am I didn't want to buy any glue, just use what I had, so my choices were, Elmer's, Tacky glue, or hot glue. I opted for the hot glue, because it is quick drying and I didn't want to stand there all day waiting for the glue to dry. It was a good choice, super strong, fast drying and bonds the cardboard fabulously. I made a million of these, at least it felt like it, and it took me several days. I am very pleased with the results and my much more organized pantry.

Not only is my pantry more organized, but I was able to fit a whole bunch more into it. I had a bunch of food stored in my laundry room and under the bed. I was able to clear out a bunch of space so I have room under my bed now for more food storage.

I also made several larger cupboard like boxes that have different cubbies in them, so I could utilize my upward space better. These worked great, especially for my top shelf.  I was able to put a lot of extra stuff up there and items that I only use occasionally.

I made a bin with cubbies for my bottom shelf to fit No. 10 cans. Most of mine had been cluttering the floor of my pantry for some time. Now all of them are tucked nicely away and I can actually step into the pantry. Plus I don't have to dig around to find the one I want.

I just love organization and I also love things that are free! This project brought my love for both together.

The last thing I did was have Jacob make me a shelf to place in
one section so I could organize my odds and ends. This is were I put everything that I usually only have one or two cans of. It works great and I really love it.


The finished product. I am so happy with how it turned out.


Mic said...

Those can things are cool. How well does it work?

Jacob said...

It really works well, they are really quite strong. I had planned to make them out of wood (but it would have been months before I did it.) I am glad Shaun-ta' made them out of the cardboard. There is a lot packed in there and we can now stand inside the pantry.

Anonymous said...

I tried this and it works great. What about putting a little window on the front like a picture frame to slid a label inside and then you could change the use without having to mark thru the ink labeling. Just a thought

Shaun-ta' said...

A window or some kind of exchangeable label would be great! I have already changed some of mine around and I either had to cross off the name and write below or put a label over the top. But they do work great and mine are still going strong over a year later. I have been showing my house in hopes of selling it and everyone comments on how amazing they are and asks if I will sell them with the house. Ha!