Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Great Deal

Check out this great deal that Jacob found at the store!  I was so proud! We always swing by the clearance section to see what they have.  Of course, these canning supplies were bought in the winter after the peak of canning season so they were very cheap. The best time to buy anything for drastically reduced prices is when the season for that item is over.  We do this often , but only buy those things we know we will use. I will definitely use this pectin up because I love strawberry freezer jam and so do the kids.  At regular price the pectin runs about $4.50 each and the pickle crisp is about the same. The small batch pectin would be about $1.00 at regular price so if we would have bought all of this at regular prices it would have cost approximately $75.00 and he got it for the swinging deal price of  $12.74. That is a 97% savings!  That is a great Deal!

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