Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lunch Meat

Let's face it prepackaged lunch meats although tasty
and convenient are very expensive. I do buy them sometimes, but only if I catch a really good sale or I can find some for a reduced price. Check out this roast beef. I made a huge roast for Sunday dinner (which I bought for 50% off in the reduced meat section at the store) in the crock pot. It was really yummy and tender, but we could only eat about a third of it.  So we put it in the fridge and the next day I sliced it up and we had yummy roast beef sandwiches for the rest of the week. I sliced this with my bread knife and I was able to get it really thin.  The key to this is to slice it cold. Don't try and slice it while it is still warm. Stick the whole thing in the fridge overnight and then slice it. You will find that it slices much easier and you can get those nice thin slices that are just begging to be put between two slices of whole grain bread. Yum. You can do this with pork or ham to. If you take a little time you can save some money and still have a yummy deli style sandwich for lunch.


Jacob said...

The other aspect of that grocery store lunch meat is all of the sodium and preservatives that they pack in there.

Lisa said...

Awesome! There is nothing like a "real" roast beef sandwich wihtout all the junk added to lunch meat. Love this idea.