Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary. . .

We are so thrilled with how are garden is coming along. I can't stress enough the importance of planting things on time! We were very careful to follow the planting date guidelines for our zone this year and we are having great success. If you are not sure what the planting schedule for your zone is check with the Cooperative Extension Service in your area.  You can also use an Internet search engine to find various planting calendars. Many things can and should be planted a lot earlier than you might think. Check out how our garden is growing. . .


 We have a ton of parsley right now. I harvested about 6 bunches today. Check back in a few days to see what I am doing with it. . .

Zinnias in Bloom

Baby Butternut Squash

Tomatoes - Ready to pick

Beets - Ready to Harvest

We were so excited to enjoy our first garden tomato last night - It was DELICIOUS! Along with a giant head of romaine lettuce.
Baby Green Tint Scallop Summer Squash


Snow Peas

Baby Crookneck Summer Squash




Scarlet Runner Beans

Scarlet Runner Bean Blossom

Baby Jalapeno

Purple Cabbage



We tried several new things in our garden this year that we are very excited about including the "Green Tint Scallop Squash" and the "Diakon" pictured above.

We have also had luck with our berries this year and can't wait to harvest them! Yum!


For all of our Loyal followers in Utah here is the link to a planting calendar from the USU Extension Service (scroll down to page 8). Hopefully you are already planting your gardens because many, many things should already be in the ground! For those of you that live in East Texas with us here is a planting calendar for you.  The time for planting spring gardens here is pretty much gone, but it is a good time to get geared up to plant your fall garden, so start preparing now!             

Be sure to check out our Garden Totals so far for the year! We are so excited about this adventure of weighing and keeping track of our harvest. The kids think we are a bit crazy, I am always saying, "No, don't eat that yet! I have to weigh it first!"  Look on the sidebar to see our running total.
Happy Gardening Everyone!               


Lisa said...

Wow, your garden looks beautiful!

Jacob said...

Thank you. We love when the garden finally gets to this stage when everything is up and growing good and competing for sunshine.

We of course love to start harvesting! YUM

Shaun-ta' said...

Thanks for the Zinnia Seeds! I am enjoying all of the colors that I see popping up. It is fun to have so much variety.