Monday, May 14, 2012

Becoming a Seed Saver

With each passing season Jacob and I are becoming more and more proficient gardeners. We learn something new every time we throw a new seed into the ground. In an effort to become even more Self Reliant in the area of gardening and food production we knew that it would be very important for us to learn how to save seeds. Yes, seed is fairly cheap and we can buy seed, but our goal is to move closer and closer to becoming completely self reliant. We really want to be prepared so that if there comes a time when we have to depend on ourselves to grow our own food and seed is not available to purchase we will have the skills and knowledge needed to provide for ourselves and our family. I have really loved learning the art of seed saving. There is really so much to learn because all seed cannot be saved in the same way.  One of the websites I have utilized in my efforts to learn this skill is the site for the International Seed Saving Institute. It gives basic seed saving instructions for 27 common vegetables. I will also be documenting the things we are learning about seed saving, so you can use our blog to help you in your efforts to learn how to save seeds as well. Good Luck!

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