Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Week 1 Update

1 Week Down

Last week I issued myself  a 30 day no sugar or junk/fast food challenge.  It is now a week later and I have done well.  I have had zero soda, zero fast food and almost no sugar. I did slip on the sugar but not as bad as you would think.  I did have some homemade jam on toast and some yummy honey too, no problem there, but I also had a couple of swigs of chocolate milk while waiting on dinner one night.  So all in all not bad but, still room for improvement.

How do I feel?  

Well, I have started fighting a sinus infection this week which kind of sways the answer.  Over all I feel great, I really haven't had to fight any crazy cravings, though I do find it important to eat at more consistent times regularly.  It is also helpful to have some type of healthy snack about; since I can't just grab a candy bar and a root beer if I am felling a bit snackish.

Water is Very Important

I have noticed that late in the day I feel very lethargic and start to have a bit of a headache. My first though was either blood sugar or a caffeine headache. It would be far to easy to justify grabbing a Dr. Pepper or something.
Turns out it is because I am getting dehydrated.  I keep a few bottles of water around that I drink and refill, though I haven't bee drinking enough.  Just goes to show you how much soda pop I was drinking... In the past when I got thirsty I would pull into a gas station and grab a fountain drink.  Now all I have to do is reach over and grab a bottle of water.  I need to add a couple more bottles and drink more regularly not just when I am feeling really thirsty.  

Any Weight Loss?

Its hard to say, my scale is not great and it's only been a week.  Since we all have been sick a little this last week I have missed 4 days of exercise.  That being said, I would say I have lost maybe 2+ lbs.  Weight loss is not not goal here, I want to see how I feel without these things in my daily diet.

What's the plan for next week?

I am working on pulling together some other options for breakfast and for snacking.  I am working on a recipe for a granola with sprouted grains and nuts.  I expect it will be very tasty and yet also very nutritious.  I also plan to avoid chocolate milk and try to work in some more veggies during the day.

I'll check back in and update you how it goes...



Lisa said...

Good for you! You da man!

Lisa said...

Ok, so I just finished the last jar of Nutella so going sugar free should be easier! :o/ I'm going to try Dad's Vegan-ish eating, however, I want meat at least once a week! I like me some meat/fish/eggs!