Monday, January 7, 2013

Sprouting: How to Make a Sprouting Jar

Homemade Sprouting Lid
When searching for ways to sprout grains,seeds and nuts, you will find many products for sale from special bags, trays and containers.  All of those seem to work well, though you probably have almost everything you need at home to make your own sprouting jar for next to nothing or even for free.

In a previous post I discussed how I had troubles sprouting in a Jar.  Well after further success with a cotton bag I decided to look back to the jar and figure what I did wrong.

Turns out I not only didn't drain it well but also denied it adequate air circulation.

So lets get to it, making a Sprouting Jar.

A Jar, any jar will work well, though a canning jar is well suited since it's lid already has a large hole in it.  Many jars you buy at the store, jam jar etc will often take a canning ring as well.

Mark Screen with Soap
Next we need some type of screen, window screen works well for this.  Window screen comes in several flavors including aluminum, fiberglass and if you can find it stainless steel.  All of these materials are easily cut with kitchen shears.  I used the fiberglass type, turn a jar upside down and mark the shape.  Black screen is hard to see your mark so cut a sliver of bar soap an use that as your marking tool.  Then cut out your circle, it can be a bit larger than the jar, no worries.  If you are using the fiberglass type you can also set the screen material on a board, place the upside down on the screen and then cut around the jar's mouth with a razor knife or sharp knife.

Cut with scissors or razor knife
Tilt jar for a time drain excess water
Screen is one thing you will probably have to buy.  Though a call down to your nearest window shop might net you some scraps for free.  Screen is pretty cheap, a roll is about $10, but you only need a small piece a few inches square.  The screen I used came off a job where the homeowners installed solar screens to keep some of harsh sun's rays out, there was a large piece discarded.  This screen is a little thicker but it was free.99, my favorite price.  I think I probably have enough screen for a couple hundred sprouting  jar lids...

Sprouting with a Jar is pretty simple, just follow normal soaking, rinsing and draining instructions.  After your draining efforts, lean the upside down jar up against something on an angle so the lid isn't sitting flat.  This allows excess moisture to drip out but also keeps the seeds open to the air.  After a while you can then turn the jar back around and set it out of the way, till your next round of rinse and drain.

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