Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My 30 Day Challenge: Cutting Out the Sugar, Soda...

Refined White Sugar
I have issued myself a challenge, for the next 30 days I will be skipping the following
  1. Sugar, HF corn syrup, etc
  2. Soda pop
  3. Fast food
  4. Store bought prepared foods
I am posting this here publicly, because I will have added incentive to complete it because I committed here.
 The last 3 weeks Shaun-ta' and I have been starting a new exercise and fitness routine, we are 3 weeks into a 9 week cycle of the Insanity workout program.  This is a part of my 13 Skills in 2013 plan.  Increasing my fitness is important to me for several reasons, firstly I am sadly out of shape, I do not feel healthy, I also do not want to develop any health issues like diabetes.  I expect to lose weight in the process but that is not the focus for me, it will come off in the process.  I just desire to be healthier and increase my fitness level. 

Soda made with Corn Syrup
This change in my diet will be helpful in supporting my new fitness efforts, by feeding my body with good wholesome food and not empty calories.  I have to admit, I do drink a lot of soda, more than a year ago I gave up drinking diet soda's due to my discomfort with aspartame.  I still drink a lot of soda, but the full sugar stuff (rather full hf corn syrup), this is a lot of calories that do nothing for me but add to my waist and spike my blood sugar levels.    

I will still eat honey and some of our own homemade jam, though I will keep the jam to a minimum.  We typically will use honey in our bread recipes in place of sugar anyway.

I am hoping for a couple of outcomes.  I hope to gain a better idea of what these foods are doing to my body and how I might feel by removing them from my diet.  It will expand our number of healthy recipes.  I will also be able to use more of our stored, canned and homemade foods.  I anticipate sleeping better, and having more energy through out the day.  I also expect to feel pretty crappy for a week or two.

I also expect to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the Word of Wisdom as I better align my diet with what it teaches. 

I will check in and post each week to report how it is working for me.  So check back and see how I am doing.

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