Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Whole Grain?

We have all heard that Whole Grain is good for us. There are studies showing that whole grain helps with weight loss, glucose control, heart disease, certain types of cancer, hypertension, etc. Everyday there is new information and studies being done about the health benefits of whole grain. So what exactly is whole grain? I think the best way to describe it is, whole grain is the grain in its natural state or the way God made it.  Each kernel of grain contains three parts: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. When grains are refined the bran and the germ are stripped, leaving only the endosperm. This also strips the grain of about 25% or its protein and at least seventeen of its key nutrients. Some of these nutrients are added back in by processors to enrich them, but whole grains are by far healthier containing more protein, fiber, and valuable vitamins and minerals. It is so important for us to implement and eat more whole grains into our diet.
Whole Grain Wheat Bread
As with all things that are more healthy for us, whole grains are often more expensive to buy at the grocery store than those that are refined. We try very hard to eat mostly whole grain. In order for us to do this we don't eat a lot of store bought breads, because we simply can't afford to buy whole wheat and multi-grain breads at the store. We make homemade breads, including bagels, pitas, hamburger buns, rolls, etc. We also make a lot of our own snacks including homemade granola bars and cereal bars. We grind our own wheat, this saves money, and helps us to utilize and incorporate our long term food storage into our everyday cooking. We use a lot of whole wheat, whole oats, and brown rice and we also enjoy experimenting and using other grains we are not as familiar with or use less often like quinoa and barley. I am always trying out the alternative white flour, which is made from whole grains, in different recipes to see how it works and if it is successful.
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Not only does grinding your own wheat, making your own bread, etc. save you money and help you to live more providently, it also helps you to become self sufficient in yet another area. In future posts, we will be sharing with you some of our recipes for whole grains, things we have tried and loved and things we have tried that we probably won't try again. We hope you will look forward to these posts and that they will help you to bring more whole grains into your diet and help you live life a bit healthier. 

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