Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Please turn off those ceiling fans!

Ceiling Fans Don't Save Energy! Unless you are in the room.
Unless you are in the room, your ceiling fan is doing nothing for you.  Yes it's true, unless you are in the room, ceiling fans do nothing to reduce your cooling costs, they only waste your hard earned money.  Ceiling fans will make you feel a few degrees cooler, when they are blowing on you.  On average ceiling fans use about the same amount of energy of a 60-75 watt bulb.
While that isn't much, it will cost you $4.38 to $5.50 per month on medium speed if always running (without lights).  Yes, that does not sound like much but when you consider most houses have more than one fan, it starts to add up.  I am in houses all the time with 5-6 ceiling fans on, running 24/7.  That is a real waste, money blown away for nothing.  When we cut needless energy use we save money, every little bit adds up.

Thermal Image of running ceiling fan.
There is another cost to running your ceiling fans needlessly, and that is the heat they put off.  I shoot thermal pictures of fans all the time, they average 110 to 120 degrees.  This is additional heat put in the home, which in turn adds Air Conditioning costs.

Ceiling fans DO have their place, when you are in the room under the fan you will feel a few degrees cooler.  Just like that cool breeze that is so nice out side.   The breeze usually isn't any cooler than the air temperature but you feel cooler, as it passes over you.  If you apply this to reducing you AC use, turn the fan on and adjust your thermostat up a couple few degrees to compensate. 

I really like it cold at night, if I kept the house at the temperature I like the family would not be happy.  So rather than freeze out everyone in whole house I sleep with my ceiling fan on.  It cools me nicely and Shaun-ta' can have a blanket on next to me.  But the kids don't have to put on winter gear just to accommodate Dad's temperature.  It is a good compromise and it does reduce our AC costs.

Ceiling fan Energy Label
When buying ceiling fans, look for the Energy Star label, this will ensure you are purchasing a good energy efficient model, that moves more air for the energy used.  All ceiling fans have a little label on the box that tells you how much power it uses. Compare these labels and you will be able to choose the most efficient model for your money.

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Take your time when purchasing ceiling fans. There are energy-efficient fans that can help you save on electricity while successfully keeping your room cool. Use your ceiling fans responsibly and benefit from them for a long time.