Monday, April 16, 2012

Are my Potatoes Sick? Part 2

Okay so I still don't know what is going on with my potatoes in our Potato Bins. There may not be anything wrong, with them but I imagine it's not good.  It is affecting mostly my Yukon Golds and Purple Majesties.  The plants with crinkled leaves, seem the plants seem to be still okay.  The plant below looks healthy.  They have also kept growing taller. (I need to add rails and straw to the bins).

After looking into it, the symptoms matched up the best with Mosaic Virus, but after looking at some pictures it doesn't seem to be the culprit.  I found a good site listing many potato diseases.  But it did not cover this. 

I also have a couple that have died back, the vines seem nearly rotten at the level of the straw.  I might pull those up in case they may spread  what has affected them.  See the pictures below.

Has anyone has this?  It seems that after I harvest the potatoes I might be able to find what may be affecting them..
I found a few of these little guys on the plants.  They look like an ant but are winged.  Not sure what they are yet.
Plant dying  at level of straw.

Wilted and dying plant.

Yukon gold potatoes, notice the tops of most of them.
Purple Majesty: note the two dying plants on the front right.  Some crinkled leaves.
Our Reds, (with some Yukon's in the back)  Notice some of there are some slightly crinkled leaves here and there.

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