Friday, February 8, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Week 2 Update

Week 2 Down, and an Oops.

Okay halfway through my experiment of cutting out the sugar, soda pop, fast food etc.  All has gone well except when I attended my local ETBA Bee Keepers meeting last night.  As always our members bring snacks and treats, many made with honey of course.  So I kinda slipped up and ate more sugar than I had intended.  The best thing I ate was these mini sourdough honey wheat cinnamon rolls.  Oh man were they great, good flavor, sweet enough and you would never guess they were wheat.  I will share the recipe here in a few months. 

So I fell short one night out of 14, I started out justifying that much of what I had put on my small plate was made with honey, (one sweetener I did no swear off).  But I kinda stretched a bit, I had good intentions though not good execution.  Could it be that it was diner time and I had not had dinner yet?  Better yet I just gave into the temptation and was sucked back for more of those sourdough cinnamon rolls... man they were good.

Heart Burn

So I noticed tonight that I had a bit of heart burn, enough to go eat a couple of Tums.  I realized that I have not had to take anything for heartburn this whole time, which is unusual for me.  Typically there is a couple of times a week or even the whole week were I fight heartburn.  Not these last two weeks, there were a couple of times when I could feel it coming on and it would settle down. 

I think this can largely be explained by not drinking any soda rather than the sugar issue.  Soda is very acidic and likely a cause of many of my flareups.  Though considering what I ate last night, maybe the sugar caught up with me, I've felt it all day in the back of my throat. 

Weight Loss

I have officially lost 5-6 lbs, and to top it off we have not been getting up to exercise, we've all been sick and working out is the last thing you want to do when your sick...  I feel confident in explaining the weight loss to cutting out the sugar.

I'll check back in next week to update you on how it is going.  In the meantime I will post my sprouted granola recipe, very good and very healthy.

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