Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Real "Cool" Idea

 I don't know about you, but in the summer my kids think they need to live off popsicles. I can't count the number of times they run in the door and say, "Mom, we are hot, can we have a popsicle." I really don't blame them, it is hot, very hot, especially here in East Texas. But I sometimes cringe at the idea of them eating all of  those popsicles that are nothing but sugar. If they are going to live on popsicles there has to be a way to make them nutritious, doesn't there. Well, we came up with some great homemade popsicles that are not only nutritious, but really yummy too, much better than a plain old freezer pop. So if you are looking for a way to beat the summer heat here is a "Real Cool" Idea: 

We made three types of popsicles (and by we I mean me and my three kids, they loved helping with this!) First we made up some chocolate pudding, next we took some homemade nonfat plain yogurt and added some berries (click here for the recipe and to find out more about how we sweeten it), and finally we thought we would try out some white grape juice (100% juice).

We filled up some Dixie cups (3 oz.) with all of these yummy things and then stuck in some plastic baby spoons and forks. I use them instead of sticks, because I can use them over and over again. They really work great.

Then I loaded them up into a 9x13 for easy transport to the freezer and less wobbling once they got there.  
We waited until the next day to try our frozen treats and let me tell you they were yummy! I made everyone give me a sample of theirs.

I have to say a few things about using the paper cups. They work really great, as you can see from the pictures the paper just comes right off, and that is why I use them.  I bought one of those plastic popsicle maker things and I detest it. I can never get the stinkin' popsicle out of it without dipping it in hot water until the popsicle is almost all the way melted.  Too much trouble for me, so I converted to the paper cups.
 I must say that I feel much better about giving my kids a nonfat frozen yogurt pop, that has minimal amounts of sugar in it, than something that is almost 100% sugar. Even with the pudding pops you know that your child is at least getting a bit more calcium in their diet. And I know if you were to do a price comparison with these and the products like them at the store you would be saving big. 

Enjoy! We hope these will help you beat the summer heat!

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Shaun-ta' said...

After sampling a few of these for himself last night, Jacob, pointed out to me that there is no need to peel off the paper. Simply hold them in your hand for a few minutes and they come right out of the cup. They were a hit with him too!