Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a Busy Spring. . .

It has been such a long time since I have had a chance to post anything new. It has been such a busy spring for us. We have expanded our garden a bit this year and that has been a bit of work but we are really looking forward to the additional harvest. We are once again going to keep track of our harvest totals for the year to see how much more we can produce with just a little bit more space. (Check out our totals on the side bar.) Things are already looking good. We have been harvesting kale, spinach, and strawberries like crazy. It has been great we are really enjoying the kale and spinach in smoothies and just gobbling up the strawberries fresh. I have also had a few busy months helping out with my sister's wedding- she got married in the Provo Temple last Saturday. I was lucky enough to get to sew skirts and ties for the wedding. When I say lucky I really mean it. I love to sew and I was thrilled to be asked to help out. We also made the journey to Utah last week to be there for the wedding. It was wonderful and even though it was a short trip I am so glad we were able to make it. We made it back safely but unfortunately, not all of us came back in one piece. As we were loading the van to leave our two year old had an accident on the trampoline. We were hoping for just a twisted ankle but we came home to find out she actually fractured her tibia, so now the poor little thing has to have a cast for 6 weeks. Which means, I will still be extra busy for the next 6 weeks as my previously very active and mobile toddler now has to be carried everywhere. I am feeling exhausted just thinking about it. In other news, we are expecting our 4th child at the beginning of September. We are very excited and we were able to surprise our family with the news on our trip to Utah. So many things are happening around here, but I hope to get back to posting about some of the things we have been up to, there really is a lot to share, so check back for future posts.

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